Friday, May 8, 2015

"Choose Your Own Adventure" AUTHORS NOTE

Our story is about a 16 year old boy on an adventure to get a twinkie for his little brother. After creating a map, we put our ideas into a keynote. This left just adding the buttons to zoom from slide to slide. I feel that if I was gave a couple more days I would have done a better job, but I am proud of what my partner and I did. I really liked that I learned something new and it was a very creative project.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Jon Marvin Inspiration Essay

  Who is Jon Marvin? A wrestler, a pole-vaulter, a football player? This is correct to some extent, but there is much more to the person we call Jon.
    I asked 10 teachers and students in the hallway today about one word that describes Jon. The answers were smart, kind, well-rounded, energetic, hard working, and awesome. Jon has made an impact on everyone in the school, and there wasn’t one person who didn’t know his name.
    Jon doesn’t just put in time, he puts work into the time. He isn’t just a nice person when the cameras are on, but also when nobody is looking. Hard work isn’t an idea to Jon, it’s a way of life. Jon inspires me to reach my goals and do my best.
   “There are many things Jon does that many people will never know…” says his wrestling coach Mr. Corkle. Jon’s character, can’t be described in words. There is nobody like Jon and nobody will ever be like Jon. “… Jon is involved and he cares.”
    Jon strives for goals, is kind to everyone, and knows what his character is at all times. When I first talked to Jon, I had known him for years. Though he had never met me, he went out of his way to help me even when others ignored me. That is who Jon is, and nobody can change that.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

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Travel Report

    Deadwood South Dakota was established in 1876 as a mining town. When the gold ran out, the city continued to thrive. Now a tourist attraction with fun activities, interesting heritage, and astonishing sights, the city is one of the best known vacation sites in South Dakota and the world.
    In Deadwood, the first thing you notice are the humongous trees. Deadwood is a canyon/gulch, so it is an amazing place for skiing. The trees also make for a great hiking experience, with wildlife and skyscraper trees following you on your path. Because Deadwood was introduced as a mining town, many stores have a gold panning section outside of their stores, where you can pan for gold like they did in the 1800’s. While walking the antique streets of Deadwood, you will see many unique items made of bones or snakeskin. No matter what, you will always find a one of a kind item like no other in Deadwood.
    Another major attraction to Deadwood is the heritage. Deadwood was first established as a wild west mining town. Deadwood was named Deadwood for the dead trees surrounding the town. Deadwood was nicknamed Deadwood Gulch because the town seems to be in the center of a big bowl. If you see an overview it looks like a piece of cereal in a big bowl. Towards the edge of the town you can see tombstones of famous cowboys and outlaws, this really gives the feel of an old western town.
    Certainly my favorite part of Deadwood are the sights. Imagine standing atop of the canyon looking down into the town, or out to the Black Hills forests. The wildlife that accompany you to the top of the gulch make sure that the hike does not just seem like and endless exercise. Kick back and relax, nobody is going to bring you down from your private oasis in the forest. Because Deadwood has a low population, climbing above the city will make it seem like you are the only person in the world.
    When you first read this article, you probably had never heard of Deadwood, but now, just like me, you should be very interested. With the activities, heritage, and the sights, Deadwood is the perfect place to go, on your own or with your family. There is a big world out there, don’t be afraid of it, go explore it.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Why I Want To Go To College

            Picture this, a 4 foot tall boy with blonde hair and blue eyes sitting in his 2nd grade class. At the age of 8, he wants to be a video game designer. At age 9, he wants to be a veterinarian. At age10 he wants to be a mechanical engineer and an eye doctor. By age 11, he has no idea what to do. By age 12, he realizes that he doesn’t have to make that choice now and that society can’t tell him what he has to choose. For 2 years he had no idea, until he realizes, all he wants to do is make a difference. That boy is me. I want to go to college so that I can have a wide variety of career choices to choose from and so that I can provide for my future family.
            At an interview, if there has to be a decision made between someone, with a degree, and someone without a degree, that person with the degree would be the one hired for the job. This edge is why most people go to college, so that they will stand out amongst other applicants. Also, when you get a job, you will have already had past experience because you would have already been preparing for it for 2, 4, or even 6 years while in college.
            My biggest reason for going to college is to provide for my future family. I want to be able to give my kids and my wife nice things and take fun family vacations. I want to not have to worry about money. I want to live my life to the fullest by enjoying time with family and friends, not being strapped for cash and living paycheck to paycheck.  
            “ College makes you realize that it’s a big world out there and that there are hundred’s of thousand’s of people a lot different than you... I had to go to college to even have a chance at the job I want... Not many people today can say that they have a college diploma, but I will… College makes you realize that it doesn’t matter what you think, it’s what you do that makes a difference and what changes your future, for better or for worse.”                                                           
-Kendra Harbison
An Essay By: Andrew

Friday, December 12, 2014

Nebraska List Poem

    Heart of the country
Favorite color,
    Husker red
Favorite food,
    Corn on the cob
Pride and joy,
    No place like Nebraska