Friday, August 29, 2014

    Welcome to my room. Here is where I come every day after school to relax and do homework. My room is filled with treasured items and memories I have collected with my family. My comfy, Husker bedspread I got for my 7th birthday has been my number one go to place for along time. The fiery, crimson color reminds me of Husker Games I went to with my dad ,Chris, in Lincoln. Next comes the items on my headboard. This is where I put all of the treasures I have collected over my eleven years. One of them is my Stephen Curry figurine that stands more than a foot tall. He is my favorite player, and it always reminds me to dream big. Farther down the headboard lay a pile of rocks, but they aren’t regular rocks. They are the rocks I got in South Dakota with my brother Trevor, my mom Kelly, and my dad Chris, on our family vacation. I got to collect them on the side of the road along the Pin-Needle Highway. On the end is my cross. I got this shiny, led cross in Deadwood, South Dakota with my friend on a skiing trip.
    On my dresser is a headphone stand that my dad and I built. The shiny red and midnight black show off the flawless cuts of wood we made together. Resting in the corner of my room is my bookshelf. It obviously has books, but it also has all of the boxes of important things I bought this summer with my own money. It usually holds my iPod and speaker. Together they can easily make a bad day a good one. It also contains goodbye gifts I got from my friends at school in Lincoln. Finally, the most memorable thing I’ve ever got is my self portrait. I sat on a stool for thirty minutes to get a cartoon figure of me dunking a basketball. I got this at Worlds Of Fun on my 8th birthday, and the vivid colors bring back memories of the shiny roller coaster rides.                

I am rich beyond measure.

Friday, August 22, 2014

6 Word Stories

Life Is....
What You Make It

Seventh Graders Smell Really Bad