Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Accrostic Poem

S imple
K angaroos can't do it
A wesome
T remendous speed
E xciting
B and-aids are needed
O utdoors
A good way to get around
R ide on
D ream big :)

M ental
A buse
T o
H umans 

My Name Poetry

It means smart, athletic, and hard-working
It is like frost coating grass on a winter morning
It is running a race with friends
It is in the memory of Jan Garner
Who taught me to never settle and life life in the present
When she taught me to let things go
My name is Andrew
It means to appreciate what you have and to live life to the fullest.

Monday, November 24, 2014


Sacrifice, you can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.
            In our movie Blindsight, the blind students take on Mount Everest. They don’t know where their parents are or if they will return to their home alive. This is sacrifice, not knowing the outcome but giving it your best shot at everything that comes your way.
            Sacrifice also plays a great role in my life. In this picture, I am running to the finish at a cross-country meet, that is what everyone sees. But what I know is that, I had been doing my best in practice each day and this is the reward. The reward from sacrifice is always worth the pain of sacrifice.            

Photo credit: Mr. Morrow 

Friday, November 14, 2014

American Freedom

American Freedom

     What is freedom? Freedom is our way of life. Freedom is a constant battle, having a say in the community, and having the ability to create your own future.
     There is a constant battle for freedom. Other greedy countries try to take away our power and freedom but that will never happen due to our soldiers. A current example is Isis, 1,500 soldiers were recently sent to continue the fight in Syria and Iraq and sadly, most of them will not return. This is the sacrifice our country has to give so that you can have your freedom.
     Another freedom is having a say in your community and government. You get to vote for your president, he isn’t chose for you. Having a say has great responsibilities, you have to make an honest decision. Your country is giving you equality and a vote, be grateful.
     Lastly, you can create your own future. After high school, you can join the military, go to college, or join the work force. Most people don’t realize how amazing this is. Imagine leaving high school, planning to go to college to be a doctor, and someone says you have to be a dog groomer. You can create your own future, make the most of it.
     Freedom is a constant battle, having a say in the community, and having the ability to create your own future. Next time you see the flag, remember what freedom is. Recognize the soldiers that gave their precious life so you could be free. Overall, we take freedom for granted and we all should thank the veterans for their loyalty and sacrifice for our country. Freedom is not free.