Friday, April 17, 2015

Jon Marvin Inspiration Essay

  Who is Jon Marvin? A wrestler, a pole-vaulter, a football player? This is correct to some extent, but there is much more to the person we call Jon.
    I asked 10 teachers and students in the hallway today about one word that describes Jon. The answers were smart, kind, well-rounded, energetic, hard working, and awesome. Jon has made an impact on everyone in the school, and there wasn’t one person who didn’t know his name.
    Jon doesn’t just put in time, he puts work into the time. He isn’t just a nice person when the cameras are on, but also when nobody is looking. Hard work isn’t an idea to Jon, it’s a way of life. Jon inspires me to reach my goals and do my best.
   “There are many things Jon does that many people will never know…” says his wrestling coach Mr. Corkle. Jon’s character, can’t be described in words. There is nobody like Jon and nobody will ever be like Jon. “… Jon is involved and he cares.”
    Jon strives for goals, is kind to everyone, and knows what his character is at all times. When I first talked to Jon, I had known him for years. Though he had never met me, he went out of his way to help me even when others ignored me. That is who Jon is, and nobody can change that.

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  1. This is an amazing essay and game me a lot of information about Jon who I knew almost nothing about.